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This Real Estate Brokerage is for work and life in the urban core. Our clients often find themselves in downtown participating in its diversity, enjoying city parks and heritage districts, knowing local cafes and restaurants, appreciating historic homes and beautiful gardens, wanting to shorten their commute to work, and expecting genuine, smart, hard-working, experienced, and honest service professionals to handle their real estate. 


With 6 years focused on downtown, our team was serving the tech community and investors before the condo boom, before 1 Victoria stood tall, and before Kitchener topped the rankings as top city for real estate investment. We noticed an early trend, in 2012, and committed to it. This brokerage is a reflection of our commitment to Kitchener's tech community, where we once worked in tech marketing and consulting, and our statement that – as we did before, we will do again – and source the next greatest investment opportunities for our buyers, whether owner-occupiers or investors. 


Genuine hard-work and analytical smarts keep us as favourites with our clients, who learn what separates an average listing agent from the best: one that sells the previously un-sellable, or leases the previously un-leasable property. With an approach to listing homes that steps far outside the role of a normal real estate agent, our clients pledge that our approach to listing is the best around because they have never seen, and could not have expected, anything like it. Our recent results tell the tale:

  • highest price per square foot at Red Condo in history of building (January 2019)

  • highest sale price for one-bedroom unit at Red Condo in history of building (April 2019)

  • highest sale price for one-bedroom unit in Waterloo region within the last 12 months (April 2019)

  • Doon home sold for $75,000-$100,000 more than competing brokerages said they could sell the home for (2019)

  • downtown Cambridge home sold in just over 30 days after other brokerages failed to sell across 3 months (2019)

  • highest sale price at Kaufman Lofts in history of building (2017)

  • highest price per square foot at Arrow Lofts in history of building (2017)

  • $19M+ in sales production (2017)

  • 3-9x sales production for detached properties as any other agent or team in and around Victoria Park (2017)

  • 3-6x the number of deal ends for detached properties as any other agent or team in and around Victoria Park (2017)


We can't be everything to everybody, but we know what we do best and do it better than anybody around. If you like the sound of that, we are probably the real estate brokerage for you. 

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